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Introducing the Payworks Marketplace

Set up an account with us and get exclusive access to your predefined collection of Payworks live-readers and configurations. You or your merchants will be able to easily order and re-order terminals through the Gateway Manager or an integrated solution on your website and get them shipped directly to the desired location. You can manage who has access to the online shop, where we will showcase your customized product range and various ways of payment and order options.

We are fast, reliable and professional executors and it is our utmost goal to make you successful. As a Global Terminal Fulfillment Provider, we will equip you with an easy way to order & pay for new devices, while also establishing the underlying infrastructure and being there if any issues occur.

The Payworks Marketplace is an end-to-end solution to all your terminal fulfillment needs. We will customize the shop design and functionality according to you specific requirements and integrate it with your current platform.

Order & Pay

Get exclusive access to your customized Live-Terminal Online Shop powered by Payworks - designed to match your product & fulfillment requirements. Ordering Live-Readers becomes effortless. Simply choose from your Payworks-enabled product range and configurations. Pay directly online or get a quotation first - we take care of the rest! 

Set up & Distribution

Your Live-Terminal order will be set-up according to your and your merchants software & encryption requirements. Our partners will then take care of a global & secure distribution. We will let you know once your order is on its way and provide you with a tracking number to make sure we stay on top of the fulfillment process.

Activation & Support

Once the shipment has securely reached the merchant, we will activate the terminals remotely with the first transaction on the new Live-Terminal. If your experiencing any issues with your device, we will be there to organize a replacement if necessary and help you find a fast und sustainable solution.

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